Really!? You're thinking to yourself, I can have my chocolate and eat it too?
The doctors who created Genesis Chocolate have spent many years accumulating information and experimenting with the most amazing Superfoods available to enhance the natural health qualities of chocolate, and because of their dedication, YOU can finally indulge in their delectable hard work and reap all of the rapid and amazing health benefits at the same time!


Here is what a few people are saying:


“Genesis Chocolate is truly a “new beginning”. I try to be healthy but I like to enjoy my food. I hear all the ads and propaganda about corn sugar and cane sugar. I read stories about diabetes, heart disease and obesity. It's difficult for me to choose foods that are good for my overall health and wellness yet delicious at the same time. Lucky for me, the doctors at Genesis Chocolate gave me EXACTLY what I was looking for. The smooth, savory Genesis Chocolate squares melt on my toungue and satisfy my sweet tooth. And I can give it to my family knowing that it is a HEALTHY choice! Genesis is my own little piece of Eden and I am so happy I found it!” -Rhea Goffe


“Thank you, Genesis Chocolate! I LOVE chocolate but finding a healthy yet delicious option was so difficult. It's so satisfying to know that I can indulge in Genesis Chocolate without a twinge of guilt.” -M. Stille

“Finally a chocolate my mom says I can eat whenever I want! I love it. I think it tastes better than any other chocolate I have tried and it gives me tons of energy for my karate!” -A.J. (8 years)


“I ordered Genesis Chocolate right away when it was released, and I've been eating it every day since. I have two pieces every day, and I never miss it! Since the past few months of eating it, I've noticed more energy as soon as I eat it, I feel the detoxifying effects of it, and even improved weight loss. I don't see myself not eating it in the future considering the amazing benefits of the superfoods in this chocolate. It tastes delicious and all of my family and friends have said the same thing!” -A. Kauzlaric



Just imagine enjoying the luxury of rich chocolate melting in your mouth while escaping the day and not having to worry for an instant about your blood sugar, gaining weight, or toxic ingredients.


Genesis Chocolate is the ultimate health food loaded with antioxidants. Not only will you find a new way to relax in delight, but you will also be enjoying nearly magical health benefits along the way.


Just one or two squares daily will pack your body with a nutrient rich treat that simply tastes too good to be healthy. But hey, it'll be our little secret.


Each Superfood ingredient was carefully selected and balanced into the perfected taste of Genesis Chocolate.



100% RAW Organic Fair Trade Cacao

Packed with over 4 times the antioxidants found in regular chocolate, our cacao keeps your body young and energized. It works to maintain your balanced hormones, keeps your mood elevated, and your cholesterol and blood pressure stabilized.

Peruvian Yacon

Used primarily in South America to lower blood sugar, improve digestion, aid in detoxification, and help with weight loss! Yacon is known worldwide as the future superfood for diabetics and anyone watching their sugar intake.

Luo Han Guo

Used by the Buddhist Monks for thousands of years, this Superfood has been investigated to have possible anti-cancer agents, and helps to keep the blood clean and flowing smoothly.

Coconut Milk

Containing a unique 'wonder fat', our coconut milk is now known to help prevent heart disease, stroke, and hardening of the arteries. It has also been shown to improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, protect against infection and help you to detoxify your body. This 'wonder fat' is also known as the fat that keeps us THIN!



Is Genesis Chocolate safe for diabetics?.....CHECK!

Is Genesis Chocolate safe if I have candida?....CHECK!

Is Genesis Chocolate safe if I am dealing with cancer?...CHECK!





In fact, Genesis Chocolate is not only SAFE for these and other diseases, but if you read the studies found on our website, you will see that the ingredients in Genesis Chocolate have a rich history in ancient and even current medicinal superfood properties. What can this medicinal superfood do for you? Here is your limited time chance to find out!




Energetic Enhancement


If the amazing superfood qualities of this raw chocolate weren't enough, we have also been able to vibrationally and energetically enhance our silky smooth and rich cacao with a very specifically designed vibrational energetic clearing process. Did you know that EVERYTHING is energy? That's right, quantum physics now shows us that all matter is made up of energetic particles vibrating at a specific frequency. 'Bad' energy vibrates at one frequency, while 'good' energy vibrates at another frequency. All of your cells are made up of this same exact energy and when you introduce another energy to your own, your overall frequency will work to match that of what you have come in contact with. Have you ever noticed your overall attitude when you come in contact with a person with 'bad' energy for example? That's right, your energy frequency begins to decline. So much so that you can actually physically feel it. The same is true for positive or 'good' energy frequencies. Because everything is energy, whether you come in contact with a person with a positive frequency or an amazing superfood CHOCOLATE, your frequency will begin to match it!


As Michelle from NJ states, “I can always tell if I haven't yet had my Genesis Chocolate for the day. But as soon as I do, my brain clears, I gain instant energy, and it seems like my entire outlook on life switches from whatever I was dealing with to-LIFE ROCKS! It's almost magical.”




Would you believe this proprietary blend of raw superfoods can actually help keep your children focused, calm, and attentive? Plus, this chocolate has been 'kid' tested and passed with flying colors!


Sound too good to be true? You won't know until you take that first scrumptious bite for yourself. Trust us, even though you'll want to share your Genesis Chocolate with everyone you come in contact with, you're going to secretly want to keep it all for yourself!


When your family and friends start looking at you funny and asking “What's different about you?”, you'll be reminded that you're enjoying the physical, mental, and emotional benefits of the sensational delights from Genesis Chocolate.


Yes! I want to experience the power of Genesis Chocolate and improve my health every day going forward starting now!


It is important to note that because of the nature of the production of our handmade raw vibrationally enhanced chocolates, at this time we truly must limit the number of people who are able to benefit. You are being given a very unique opportunity to get this exclusive offer before it is offered to the general public. Consider yourself lucky! Now is your chance to clear out toxins, stay healthy, enjoy longevity, and relish life even more! All by EATING CHOCOLATE! How does it get any better than that?


*Because the Doctors who created Genesis Chocolate recommend eating at least 1 piece daily for optimal results, we want you to benefit by making sure you always have your chocolate handy.


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Good Health Value:


Just try it out!

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Best of all, because you accepted the private invitation that we sent to only our most preferred friends, we have a very special limited time offer on this amazing superfood. Make your choice above before the rare opportunity to enjoy Genesis Chocolate at an absolutely amazing discount goes away forever!


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